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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment


  1. The switches supported by PSSP 3.4
  2. Preliminary list of applications for the ABC Corporation
  3. IBM licensed programs to order for ABC Corporation
  4. Migration paths
  5. Operating system level selected by the ABC Corporation
  6. ABC Corporations's external disk storage needs
  7. Requirements for the High Availability Control Workstation
  8. Function checklist
  9. SP and other nodes currently available from IBM with PSSP 3.4.
  10. Nodes you might already have that can run PSSP 3.4
  11. The basic SP node frames
  12. Major system hardware components
  13. ABC Corporations's choices for hardware configuration by frame
  14. ABC Corporation's SP Ethernet admin LAN
  15. ABC Corporation's additional adapters node network
  16. ABC Corporation's choices for the switch configuration worksheet
  17. Example of switch configuration worksheet for SP-attached server in a switchless SP system
  18. ABC Corporation's system images
  19. File set list for PSSP 3.4
  20. 44P-170 Default control workstation configuration
  21. p620 Model 6F1 small default control workstation configuration
  22. p620 Model 6F1 medium default control workstation configuration
  23. p620 Model 6F1 large default control workstation configuration
  24. p660 Model 6H1 small default control workstation configuration
  25. p660 Model 6H1 medium default control workstation configuration
  26. Supported control workstations
  27. Hardware protocol values
  28. ABC Corporations's SP control workstation plan
  29. ABC Corporation's control workstation connections
  30. Network install image choices
  31. Time service choices
  32. User directory mounting choices - system automounter support
  33. PSSP user account management choices
  34. System file management choices
  35. Accounting choices
  36. lppsource directory choices
  37. Remote command choices
  38. Approximate space allocated during base AIX install
  39. Example of listing installp images
  40. Disk space required for install images and to install PSSP file sets
  41. Sample switch port numbers for the SP Switch-8
  42. Effect of CWS failure on mandatory software in a single-CWS configuration
  43. Effect of CWS failure on user data on the CWS
  44. Levels of HACMP supported with PSSP HACWS
  45. Migration paths supported
  46. Supported IBM licensed programs per supported PSSP and AIX release
  47. Suggested migration stages
  48. Levels of PSSP and AIX supported in a mixed system partition
  49. HACMP Levels supported during migration only
  50. Supported Recoverable Virtual Shared Disk levels
  51. Supported GPFS levels
  52. Supported Parallel Environment levels
  53. Supported LoadLever levels
  54. PAIDE levels
  55. HACMP levels supported with PSSP 3.4
  56. List of SP planning worksheets
  57. Preliminary list of applications
  58. IBM licensed programs to order
  59. External disk storage
  60. Major system hardware components
  61. Hardware configuration by frame
  62. SP Ethernet admin LAN
  63. Additional adapters node network configuration
  64. Switch configuration worksheet
  65. Specifying the system images (SPIMG)
  66. File set list for PSSP 3.4
  67. SP control workstation worksheet
  68. Time zones
  69. Control workstation connections worksheet
  70. Site environment worksheet
  71. Authentication planning worksheet
  72. DCE authentication
  73. PSSP Kerberos V4 or other Kerberos authentication servers
  74. PSSP Kerberos V4 or other Kerberos local realm information
  75. AFS authentication server

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