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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment


  1. Basic SP configuration
  2. SP with an SP-attached server
  3. A system of clustered enterprise servers
  4. Typical uses of an SP system (not to scale)
  5. A node layout example
  6. A node layout example with communications information
  7. Ethernet topology with one adapter for a single-frame SP system
  8. Ethernet topology with two adapters for single-frame SP system
  9. Method 1 Ethernet topology for multi-frame SP system
  10. Method 2 Ethernet topology for multi-frame SP system
  11. Method 3 Ethernet topology for multi-frame SP system
  12. Boot-server frame approach
  13. Node slot assignment
  14. Node numbering
  15. Supported SP Switch configurations showing switch port assignments
  16. Nodes in a two-plane SP Switch2 configuration
  17. Switch port numbering for an SP Switch-8 in a short frame
  18. Switch port numbering sequence
  19. High Availability Control Workstation with disk mirroring
  20. Initial control workstation network configuration
  21. Starting HACMP
  22. Control workstation failover
  23. Adding an SP system partition
  24. The control workstation as primary Kerberos V4 authentication server
  25. The control workstation as secondary Kerberos V4 authentication server
  26. The control workstation as client of Kerberos V4 authentication server
  27. Using AFS authentication services
  28. A simple 1-frame SP system
  29. A partitioned 1-frame SP system
  30. Full switch board
  31. Nodes 11, 12, 15, and 16 partitioned off
  32. One sparse frame with no switch
  33. One SP frame with slots numbered
  34. Varied nodes, 1-frame SP system
  35. Three SP frames with 2 SP Switches
  36. The directory structure of system partition information
  37. Sample SP Switch system: 3-frames, 1-switch
  38. System Partitioning Aid main window
  39. Sample 1-frame system (1 wide, 10 thin, and 1 high nodes)
  40. Main window for sample system
  41. Notebook for node 8 of sample system
  42. Notebook for partition Alpha of sample system
  43. Alpha Notebook for sample system
  44. Descending sort in Nodes pane (icon view)
  45. Filter menu with "1*" filter specified for Nodes pane
  46. File inpfile.template provided with PSSP
  47. File my_part_in
  48. Three frames with 2 switches
  49. Main window for Example 3 of Chapter 5
  50. System partitioning for Example 3 of Chapter 5
  51. System partitioning for Example 3 of Chapter 5
  52. Dialog box for specifying name of new layout
  53. Message issued when new layout is saved
  54. CLI input file from spsyspar
  55. Alternate CLI input file
  56. Switch chips allocated to system partition Par1
  57. Performance numbers for system partition Par1
  58. Node layout - Worksheet 5

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