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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

About this book

|This book helps you plan for the installation of new software or |migration to new levels of existing software on new or changed IBM systems |with either of two types of system configuration where PSSP is the primary |system management software with related optional IBM licensed programs running |cooperatively. The two types of system configurations addressed |are: |

Keep in mind

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the information in this book about an SP system applies also to a system of clustered enterprise servers. See Processor nodes for further explanation of that term.

This book tells you what your control workstation and SP system software options are, what to consider for integrating the SP system into your existing computing network, what decisions you need to make, and what information to prepare and record to facilitate the successful installation or migration of software on your SP system. A hardware overview is included and hardware considerations are discussed throughout the book, but only as they relate to the successful operation of the control workstation and software environment.

Do not attempt to install, expand, or migrate your SP system without first reading this book. Read this book and complete the worksheets in Appendix C, SP system planning worksheets as you plan your control workstation and software environment.

Your software choices can lead to hardware requirements. Work closely with your hardware planners. The book IBM RS/6000 SP: Planning Volume 1, Hardware and Physical Environment provides information to help you understand hardware requirements, plan your physical environment, and prepare your site for hardware installation.

For a list of related books and information about accessing online information, see Bibliography.

This book applies to |PSSP version 3 release 4. To find out which version of PSSP is running on your control workstation (node 0), run the following command:

splst_versions -t -n0

In response, the system displays something similar to:

|0 PSSP-3.2

Since this is a planning book, you might want to know what you have running on the nodes so that you can plan for your next install or upgrade. To find out which version of PSSP is running on the nodes on your system, run the following command from your control workstation:

splst_versions -t -G

The response indicates the version of PSSP that is running on each node. The system displays something similar to:

|1 PSSP-3.2
|3 PSSP-3.2
|7 PSSP-3.2
|8 PSSP-3.1.1

Save your old manuals!

If you are running mixed levels of PSSP, take care to keep and use the relevant books for every version of PSSP that you intend to continue running.

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