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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

The CLI - sysparaid

Use the command sysparaid to verify the validity of a system partitioning configuration without invoking the GUI. Optionally, you may request the corresponding layout files be constructed and saved for activation later.

The CLI sysparaid is invoked by the GUI spsyspar to handle a graphically specified layout. In that case the spsyspar code constructs the necessary input data and option specifications for the user.

When working with sysparaid directly, you must provide these inputs and options. The syntax for the CLI is shown below. For complete syntax, see the book PSSP: Command and Technical Reference.

     sysparaid [-s layout_name | a_fully_qualified_path]
     input_file [topology_file]


The input file must specify the size of the system, number of partitions to be used, which nodes are in which partition and so on. The format of the input file is shown in Figure 46 and the file shown is shipped with PSSP in file set as the inpfile.template file in the directory /spdata/sys1/syspar_configs/bin.

Recall the Sample System of Figure 39, and the Alpha and Beta partitions of Figure 40. An input file for sysparaid which specifies that layout is the my_part_in file presented in Figure 47.

Figure 46. File inpfile.template provided with PSSP

|This file is a template for the input file to the System Partitioning Aid.      |
|Copy this into a new file,  fill all fields as described.                       |
|Frame Type of 16 slot frames is tall and that of 8 slot frames is short.        |
|Select one of the four keywords provided for Switch type.                       |
|Nodes may be identified using either node numbers or switch port                |
|numbers.                                                                        |
|Select one of the two options provided for Node Numbering Scheme.               |
|System Partition Name, Number of Nodes in the System Partition                  |
|and list of nodes in the System Partition must be provided for                  |
|all system partitions. The node list can be provided in one of                  |
|the following formats:                                                          |
|      - A list with one entry on each line                                      |
|      - A range of the form X - Y                                               |
|      - A combination of the above options                                      |
|      - For the last partition the keyword remaining_nodes may be               |
|        used provided all nodes or switch ports not in the last                 |
|        system partition have been specified in other system                    |
|        partitions.                                                             |
|Comment lines enclosed between /* and */ may be deleted.                        |
|New comments may be added provided they follow the comment                      |
|convention.                                                                     |
|*******************************************************************             |
|   Number of Nodes in System:                                                   |
|   Number of Frames in System:                                                  |
|   Frame Type: tall   short                                                     |
|   Switch Type:  HiPS   SP   LC8   SP8   NA                                     |
|   Number of Switches in Node Frames:                                           |
|   Number of Switches in Switch Only Frames:                                    |
|   Number of System Partitions:                                                 |
|   Node Numbering Scheme:  node_number    switch_port_number                    |
|   System Partition Name:                                                       |
|   Number of Nodes in System Partition:                                         |
|   List of nodes in system partition                                            |

Figure 47. File my_part_in

|   Number of Nodes in System:  12                                               |
|   Number of Frames in System:  1                                               |
|   Frame Type:  tall                                                            |
|    Switch Type:  SP                                                            |
|       Number of Switches in Node Frames:  1                                    |
|       Number of Switches in Switch Only Frames:  0                             |
|       Number of System Partitions:  2                                          |
|       Node Numbering Scheme:  node_number                                      |
|       System Partition Name:  Alpha                                            |
|       Number of Nodes in System Partition:  7                                  |
|       List of nodes in system partition                                        |
|       1                                                                        |
|       3 - 8                                                                    |
|       System Partition Name:  Beta                                             |
|       Number of Nodes in System Partition:  5                                  |
|       List of nodes in system partition                                        |
|       9 - 13                                                                   |
|                                                                                |

You could execute sysparaid as follows to check for validity:

                 sysparaid  my_part_in

(If the global system topology file is not present in the /spdata/sys1/syspar_configs/topologies directory, you must provide that topology file.) sysparaid examines the inputs and recognizes that this layout is equivalent to the layout shipped by IBM as:


If sysparaid did not find an existing equivalent layout, it would report that the layout is valid, and you could rerun sysparaid specifying the -s (save) option with a directory in which to place the results. The results would consist of

file describing this system partitioning layout;

file with shorthand listing of partition contents;

file listing ownership of switch chips by partition;

directory for Alpha - node list, topology, snapshot, metric files;

directory for Beta - node list, topology, snapshot, metric files.

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