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Managing Shared Disks


  1. Levels for the rvsdrestrict Command
  2. Space Used
  3. Installation Interfaces
  4. Recovery Actions When Nodes Fail
  5. Interface Cross-Reference for Virtual Shared Disk Tasks
  6. Interface Cross-Reference for Hashed Shared Disk Tasks
  7. Virtual Shared Disk Information
  8. Virtual Shared Disk Node Information
  9. Virtual Shared Disk Volume Group Information
  10. Virtual Shared Disk Definition Information
  11. General Procedure for Changing a Twin-tailed LVM Component
  12. Steps to Create a Twin-tailed Volume Group
  13. Procedure for Extending a Twin-tailed LVM Component
  14. Procedure for Extending a Twin-tailed LVM Component
  15. Procedure for Reducing a Twin-Tailed Volume Group
  16. Steps to Remove a Shared Volume Group

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