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Managing Shared Disks

Installing shared disk components

This section tells you what you need to have or know before the install, what to install, and how to do the install.

First, you should understand the general installation process, which is:

  1. Install AIX 4.3.3 or AIX 5L 5.1 on the control workstation and make it operational. Then be sure you have or install an appropriate level of AIX on all the nodes.
    Remember, you can run earlier supported levels of the IBM Recoverable Virtual Shared Disk software in a coexistence environment but you will not get the latest level of functionality until the control workstation and all the virtual shared disk nodes in a system partition have AIX 4.3.3 or AIX 5L 5.1 and PSSP 3.4 with the prerequisite components.
  2. Install PSSP 3.4 on the control workstation, including any optional components that when chosen are required to be on the control workstation, and make it operational.
  3. Install the applicable software on the nodes.

Preparing to install

Before you begin installing the shared disk components, do the following:

Installation file sets

The file sets involved are:

The IBM Virtual Shared Disk Perspective component is in ssp.vsdgui. The PostScript file for this book and the man pages for related commands are contained in They are in the ssp install image which should be installed on the control workstation.

Detailed space requirements

Use the information in this section to help you estimate the space you need in order to install the optional shared disk components of PSSP. See RS/6000 SP: Planning, Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment to help you estimate the space for PSSP and other optional components.

The individual components require space in directories as specified in the following table:

Table 2. Space Used

File Set root during installation usr during installation var during execution
vsd.cmi 100KB 270KB 0
vsd.vsdd 16 MB for a file system created in rootvg volume group 490KB 16 MB for file system only if could not be created in rootvg
vsd.hsd 0 220KB 0
vsd.sysctl 0 490KB 0
vsd.rvsd.scripts 0 250KB 8 MB for file system only if vsdd could not create file system in rootvg
vsd.rvsd.rvsdd 0 320KB 0
vsd.rvsd.hc 0 300KB 0

Performing the install

Use either of the interfaces described in Table 3 for each of the components you have decided to install.

Table 3. Installation Interfaces

If using: Do this:

smit install_latest
  • The Install New Software Products at Latest Level window appears.

/spdata/sys1/install/pssplpp/pssp-3.4/lpp for Input Device

Do to display the default install parameters.

List to show options.

One or more program options, or select the header file (called vsd with ALL on the far right side) to do the full installation.

Do to complete option selection and to begin installation.

When the installation is complete, check the SMIT log file for the installation status. If errors occur, see the related version of the IBM AIX Problem Solving Guide and Reference manual.

installp You can use installp to install multiple file sets. For example, to install all of the file sets in PSSP for the virtual shared disk components, enter:
installp -a -d  /spdata/sys1/install/pssplpp/pssp-3.4
-X vsd

Note - In AIX 4.3.3 and later releases, installp automatically commits the packaging file set when you specify the -a option.

To list all of the options for ssp , enter:

installp -l 
-d /spdata/sys1/install/pssplpp/pssp-3.4/pssp.installp

You can install all the virtual shared disk components at once, even if you do not intend to use them all, you can select files using a wildcard character (like vsd.*), or you can install individual file sets. Regardless of which way you do the installation, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Install the IBM Virtual Shared Disk component on the control workstation. Note that installing vsd.cmi on the nodes as well may be beneficial as well.

    It must be on the control workstation for configuration management. The control workstation is neither a server nor a client.

    The files to install are:

    device driver

    Sysctl commands

    Centralized Management Interface (SMIT)

    recovery manager
  2. Install the IBM Virtual Shared Disk component on the virtual shared disk client and server nodes.

    The file sets required on the client and server nodes are vsd.vsdd, vsd.sysctl, vsd.rvsd.rvsdd, and vsd.rvsd.scripts. Although not required, IBM suggests installing vsd.cmi as well.

  3. If you decided to use the Hashed Shared Disk component, install vsd.hsd on the client and server nodes.
  4. The vsd.rvsd.hc connection manager is an optional file set most often used by database software. When needed, it should be installed on the control workstation and the client and server nodes.

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