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Diagnosis Guide

Diagnosing IBM Virtual Shared Disk problems

This chapter discusses diagnostic procedures and failure responses for the IBM Virtual Shared Disk and IBM Recoverable Virtual Shared Disk components of PSSP. The list of known error symptoms and the associated responses are in the section Error symptoms, responses, and recoveries. A list of the information to collect before contacting the IBM Support Center is in the section Information to collect before contacting the IBM Support Center.

Enhanced Security Option

PSSP 3.4 provides the option of running your RS/6000 SP system with an enhanced level of security. This function removes the dependency PSSP has to internally issue rsh and rcp commands as a root user from a node. When this function, called Restricted Root Access (RRA), is enabled, PSSP does not automatically grant authorization for a root user to issue rsh and rcp commands from a node. If you enable this option, some PSSP components, such as IBM Virtual Shared Disk software, may not work as documented.

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