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MCA Base - MicroChannel Adapter Database

The MicroChannel Adapter Database provides unique and previously not commonly available views on 1,192 MCA adapters. Documenting the computing history has not been a strong objective for the Creator of MCA, for I am aware neither of their similar initiative nor significant efforts to set up a comparable repository to document, study and research the glorious MCA history. (March 2007)

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XGA208 Windows XGA/XGA-2 Display Driver

XGA208 is a major improvement of the XGA206 display driver for the IBM XGA/XGA-2 display adapters. XGA208 enables advanced graphics coprocessor operations at the 16 colors display modes and adds several new high resolution display modes of up to 1600x1200 screen resolutions on the XGA-2 display adapter.

XGA208 introduces for the first time the 800x600 and 832x620 resolutions with 256 and 64K colors (High color) on the original IBM XGA display adapter. These new XGA modes are supported driver-worldwide only by the XGA208, a truly remarkable and unique achievement. (April 2008)

• Read more about XGA208 Windows Display Driver.

XGA206 Windows XGA-2 Display Driver

XGA206 provides 800x600 in High Color (64K colors) with up to 75 Hz refresh rates for the IBM XGA-2 Display Adapter. XGA206 is the best XGA-2 Windows 95/98 display driver you would ever find. XGA206 supports the IBM XGA Display Adapter with the typical XGA resolutions and color depths. (May 2006)

Note: As of April 2008, XGA206 has been superseded by the XGA208. Only XGA208 will be maintained in the future.

• Read more about XGA206 Windows Display Driver.

SPOCK206 Windows IBM SCSI Miniport Driver

SPOCK206 is a high performance SCSI Miniport Driver for the IBM MCA SCSI Host Adapters and planar SCSI subsystems. SPOCK206 improves the disk transfer rates by 60% or more over the original Windows NT Spock driver and up to 15% over the Windows 95/98 Spock miniport driver. (June 2006)

• Read more about SPOCK206 Windows IBM SCSI Miniport Driver.

AHA206 Windows AHA-1640 SCSI Miniport Driver

AHA206 is a SCSI miniport driver for the Adaptec AHA-1640 MCA SCSI host adapter and enables the successful operation of AHA-1640 on Windows 98SE running on a Pentium CPU. AHA206 fixes the Windows 98SE SCSI + Pentium "bug". (June 2006)

• Read more about AHA206 Windows SCSI Miniport Driver for Adaptec AHA-1640.

QUMC - MicroChannel Adapter Identification

QUMC identifies the MicroChannel adapters in your system, planar subsystems and the planar. QUMC will reconstruct and show the current system configuration. QUMC can be used on DOS, OS/2, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

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More MicroChannel Projects

See Projects for the complete list of all MCA software projects including device drivers and utility programs.

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