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MicroChannel Adapter Database

The MicroChannel Adapter Database provides views based on adapter-ID, adapter class or adapter origin (company). You are invited to participate and supply contents to the database by authoring one or more adapter pages, contributing technical information, adapter images, links to drivers and sites, and ADFs. Contributions will be acknowledged.

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IBM FTP PCCBBS Contents, 2002 and 1999

Contains the list of files in the PCCBBS directory of as of Sep 7, 2002. Useful for locating files not contained in the current ALLFILES.TXT but still stored and downloadable from the site.

An earlier ALLFILES.TXT, from Apr 20, 1999, shows files and directories removed from later listings, hence, not any more downloadable.

PS/2 Reference Guide, IBM Marketing 1989

PS/2 Configuration and Operating Information, dated June 21, 1989, written by David B. Whittle, IBM Marketing and Services Group.

Download Documents

PCCBBS ALLFILES.TXT as of Sep 7, 2002. ALLF0902.ZIP334,358Download
PCCBBS ALLFILES.TXT as of Apr 20, 1999. ALLF0499.ZIP274,398Download
PS/2 Reference Guide, June 21, 1989. PS2REF89.ZIP17,172Download

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