TR-7 Extender Boards
(photos courtesy of KF4FJH - RF Buchanan)
 These images are provided for informational purposes for the Drake community.

Extender Board Set
DR-7 Puller & Extender Reverse Side
The Full Set of Extender Boards
Card Puller and Extender Reverse Side
Jumper Board Top Side
Jumper Board Bottom Side

The following information was provided by Lee, WB6SSW:

Here is the complete inventory of the components in the service kit: 

13 extender boards, as shown on Jim's page: 

    3-3 pin 
    2-4 pin 
    2-5 pin 
    4-6 pin 
    2-9 pin 
1 jumper board, as shown on Jim's page 
3 tuning tools (standard diddle sticks) 
1 sheet of instructions, that reads in its entirety: 

"The TR-7 Service Kit consists of 13 extender boards, a jumper board, and 
three tuning tools to facilitate the repair and maintenance of the R.L. Drake 
TR-7 Transceiver. 

"The extender boards are used to elevate printed circuit boards above their 
compartments to provide access to each side of the circuit board for 
troubleshooting.  Since some circuit boards use more pins than the longest 
extender board, it will be necessary to assemble several extender boards to 
accommodate all of the circuit board pins. 

"The jumper board connects the TR-7 translator board and the digital control 
board together.  The jumper board is required in TR-7's that have a DR-7 
installed, and it allows the TR-7 to operate after the DR-7 has been removed. 
The DR-7 must be removed to gain access to the front half of the TR-7. 
Three tuning tools are provided so that adjustments can be made to variable 
resistors, capacitors, and inductors in the TR-7.  Refer to the TR-7 Service 
Manual for all adjustments and technical maintenance." 

My service kit is still shrink wrapped so the above should be reliable 
information.  After owning my TR7 since 1984 and never having to unwrap the 
kit, I feel somewhat fortunate. 

BTW, the kit cost $50 when new. 


Click Here for the ASCII text version of the instruction sheet

Here's some more info on the tuning tools (apparently some kits contained 4) from Jerry,  AI6L

I was mistaken in claiming that the card puller tool was part of the service
kit. It apparently came with the radio.  Also, the fourth tool was not an
allen wrench. Here is the info on the four tools: 

1) #SK-55, small white hex, 3/32" x 3/8" long, overall length 4", labeled
Paul Smith Co. (plastic) 

2) #SK-462, small white, 1/16" blade each end, overall length 3-1/4",
labeled Paul Smith Co.  (plastic) 

3) GC 5004, red plastic, 1/4" slot screw driver each end (plastic blades),
7" overall length. 

4) GC 8276, red plastic, 1/8" metal blade on one end, recessed 1/8" metal
blade on other end in 3/16" ID, 1/4" OD hole; overall length 6". 

Note that  GC probably refers to General Cement, so they should be standard
tuning tools. The small white tools are probably standard also. I suggest
someone check the catalogs and also see what Radio Shack have to offer. 

I hope that this info helps, fellow Drake fans!

Bob,  W7AVK, has undertaken the project of remanufacturing a limited number of TR-7 service kits for sale to Drake owners.  Please support his effort by purchasing a set if you have a TR-7 or R-7 and don't already have a kit!  This is a commendable undertaking, and I would at least like to see him break even on it.  Bob's website is HERE. You can EMail Bob at rsrolfne ("at" symbol) atnet  (small punctuation mark) net. 

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