Defining Property Mapping

This section shows you how to read or set a property both on the CATIA and the SmarTeam side.

Three scenarios show you how to define property mapping between CATIA and SmarTeam, based on the CATIA Formula property and the SmarTeam attribute. You will learn how to map the set of CATIA properties of a CATDrawing document with the corresponding SmarTeam attributes of a SmarTeam CATIA Drawing class.

For quick, easy mapping of a drawing text with any of the CATIA Drawing attributes in the SmarTeam database you are better advised to follow the steps contained in Displaying a CATIA Drawing SmarTeam Attribute in a Title Block. This particular task can be performed only by the user with administrative privileges. However, there are other tasks dealing with property mapping for which such privileges are not required (Using Mapped Product Properties for example).

Property Mapping Basics
Defining Property Mapping for the Title Block
Defining Property Mapping for the Revision Block
Defining Property Mapping for CATIA Products and CATIA Parts