Displaying a CATIA Drawing SmarTeam Attribute in a Title Block

This task enables the administrator to quickly and easily map a drawing text with any of the CATIA Drawing attributes in the SmarTeam database.
There is no need to perform the two manual operations that consist in:
  • creating a property f(x) in the drawing then linking it with the text
  • going either to the Property Management or Integration Tool Setup utilities.
  1. In the CATIA session, open a drawing document that has already been saved in the SmarTeam database.

  2. Select a text of the drawing.

  3. Select SmarTeam > Properties > Map a Text Value...
    The Map a Text Value dialog box appears.

  4. In this dialog box, select an attribute of the document's class.

  5. At the bottom of the dialog box, define the update direction by selecting the Enable updating of property option:

    The Map a Text Value dialog box shows the current mapping for the selected text. In other words, if you have already used the Map a Text Value... command for the same text, the attribute name and the update direction(s) you originally selected are kept.

  6. Click OK.
    A CATIA property is created inside the drawing as shown in the Formulas dialog box, for example:

  7. Selecting SmarTeam > Tools > Property Management, you can see that the newly mapped property looks like this:

    and the newly mapped attribute like this:

From now on, whenever you reopen the document the mapped attribute will appear in the title block.

You can also force the update by selecting SmarTeam > Properties > Load from Database .