Multi-Axis Surface Machining Menu Bar

The menu commands that are made available when Multi-Axis Surface Machining is installed are described below.

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Tasks corresponding to general menu commands are described in the CATIA Version 5 Infrastructure User's Guide.

Insert Menu

Insert menu

  Machining Operations Accesses all machining operations
  Auxiliary Operations Accesses auxiliary operations
  Machining Features Accesses the definition of machining areas

Machining Operations

For See
  Roughing Operations Roughing Operations
  Sweeping Operations Sweeping
  Pencil Inserting Pencil Operations
  ZLevel ZLevel Machining
  Contour-driven Contour-driven Machining
  Spiral milling Spiral Milling
  Profile Contouring Create a Profile Contouring Operation
  Axial Machining Operations 2.5 to 5-axis Drilling Operations
  Multi Axis Machining Operations Multi-Axis Machining Operations

Multi-Axis Machining Operations

  Command... Description...
  Multi-Axis Sweeping Create a Multi-Axis Sweeping Operation
  Isoparametric Machining Create an Isoparametric Machining Operation
  Multi-Axis Contour Driven Create a Multi-Axis Contour Driven Operation
  Multi-Axis Tube Machining Create a Multi-Axis Tube Machining operation
Multi-Axis Spiral Milling Create a Multi-Axis Spiral Milling Operation
  Multi-Axis Curve Machining Create a Multi-Axis Curve Following Operation