Using Knowledgeware Checks

This section discusses checking a document for design errors and applying design rules to a document. You need to have the product Knowledgeware in order to use these functions fully. However, a sample file is provided with 3D applications, and a sample catalog is provided with 2D applications; several checks and design rules are incorporated into the sample file and sample catalog. If you use the sample file to create your 3D documents you do not have to obtain Knowledgeware in order to use these functions, but without Knowledgeware, you cannot create new checks or new design rules, you cannot edit them, and you cannot import checks into your document. The sample catalog provided with 2D applications allows you to import checks and rules into your document, however you need Knowledgeware to create new checks and rules and edit existing checks and rules.

Enough documentation is provided here to enable you to use the sample file and catalog. However, to be able to use all Knowledgeware functions you need to refer to the documentation for that product.

Before you can use this function you must make sure the settings are correct.  Click Tools - Options - General - Parameters and Measure and click on the Knowledge Environment tab.  Under Language check Load extended language libraries. Either check All Packages, or uncheck this option and load the packages you will be using.

A second setting you must make sure of is: Click Tools - Options - Infrastructure  and click the Tree Customization tab. Activate Parameters and Relations.


Using Knowledgeware Packages
Importing Checks from Knowledgeware
(3D) Opening a Sample Document
Checking a Document for Design Errors