Working with Branch Points

You can add or remove branch points from branches via commands in the Bundle Segment Definition dialog box and in the Electrical Harness Assembly Management toolbar. You can also delete unused branch points via the contextual menu.

From the Bundle Segment Definition Dialog Box

Create/modify segments within a branch: Cut a bundle segment into more segments within a branch and manage diameter and color for each section.
Remove branch points: Click Remove Branch Point to remove a branch point and merge the bundle segments.

From the Contextual Menu

Delete unused branch points: This contextual command proposes a special behavior when deleting branches if branch points, splices or wires are contained in the branch.

Dedicated Commands in the Management Toolbar

Add branch points: Click Add Branch Point and select the branch to which you want to add a branch point.
Remove branch points: Click Remove Branch Point and select the branch point you want to remove.
Delete unused branch points: Click Delete Special and select the branch containing branch points you want to delete.

Connecting Segments

  Connect segments at branch points: Click Multi-Branchable Document or Bundle Segment, define segment parameters then when routing the segment, select a branch point.