Removing a Branch Point

This task explains how to remove a branch point from a branch.

Several branch points have been added to the branch.

The geometry looks like this:
  1. Click Remove Branch Point in the Bundle Segment Definition dialog box.
    You are prompted to select the bundle segment extremity.

  2. Click the bundle segment close to the branch point you want to remove.

    CATIA finds the closest bundle segment extremity according to the selection point.
    The branch point is highlighted.
    A message displays:
  3. Click OK to validate.

    The branch point is removed and the two bundle segments on both sides of the branch point are merged.
  4. Click OK when you are done.

You can remove a branch point on a bundle segment even if it is covered with a protective covering.
Note that when you select a bundle segment to remove a branch point, the closest one is highlighted and proposed for deletion. When you validate, the merged bundle segments keep the properties of the bundle segment originally selected.