Editing Cloud of Points


This chapter deals with the edition of clouds of points, i.e. Selection and Remove actions.

Although the dialog boxes look similar, the operating mode of the Select and Remove actions are slightly different:
  • De-activated points can be recalled using Activate all and Swap in a new activation action.
  • Removed points can not be recalled! Activate all and Swap apply only to the current removal action. They can not be used to recall removed points, once you have clicked OK.
  • The Activate action displays only triangles that are fully selected (i.e. the whole triangle is inside the selection trap, or all its vertices have been picked). If you select only one or two vertices of a triangle, or if the selection trap intersects the triangle, it is not displayed.
  • As a consequence, when you push the button Swap, the triangles displayed are not the exact complement of the previous selection.
  • The Remove action takes into account triangles that are at least partially selected (at least one vertex has been picked, or the selection trap intersects the triangle).
  • See the Protect command to protect characteristic lines from deletion.

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Adaptive Filtering
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Protecting Characteristic Lines