Adding Analysis to Simulations


  Clash and Distance and Band Analysis may not be available on every configuration.
This procedure provides an overview of the steps required to use analysis within a simulation.  The hyperlinks take you to the procedures that detail how to perform each step in creating and running analysis checks.

The simulation analysis tools enable users to run specific checks on the objects and how they interact within a process.

  1. Create the kind of check that you want to do. You can choose from among:

    You can create checks that you do not intend to run immediately or during every simulation.  The checks get "turned on" for a specific simulation in the following steps, and so can be defined without being used.
      The software contains device settings and robot settings checks that you can select in the following steps, but you do not need to create those checks yourself.
  2. Select an analysis configuration.

    This step selects from among the checks you set up in step 1, and enables you to determine how you will be notified when the parameters you have set are transgressed.
  3. Set the analysis status.

    This step determines whether the kinds of analysis you defined in step 2 will be run during the simulation.
  4. Run a simulation or the jog command (depending on your product) to get the data from your analysis.

The commands in steps 2 and 3 are shared; that is, they can be launched while another command is active.