Selecting the Analysis Configuration  

These procedures describe how to select the analysis configurations you want checked during a specific simulation or the jog command (depending on your product).  Analysis Configuration allows you to select the analysis types you have created to run during a simulation or jog.  For instance, if you have set up band width analysis, and distance analysis within your process, you can opt to have one or both of these analysis types performed during a simulation or jog.
  Users configure five categories of analysis configuration:
  • Analysis objects, which include the following types:
    • Interference (Clash)
    • Band width
    • Distance Analysis
    • Measure Edge
    • Measure Between
  • Device analysis
  • Robot analysis
  • IO settings


  Depending on your license, you may not have access to Analysis Objects tab or to all the options on it.

Configuring Analysis Objects
Configuring Device Settings
Configuring Robot Settings
Configuring IO Settings

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