Working with Technological Objects

What is a technological Object?

A technological object is an object used in the Business Process Knowledge Template workbench.
A technological object is made up of three sets of components:

  • A type
  • A set of attributes (variables)
  • A set of behaviors

A type

Expert users can create their own types in Business Process Knowledge Template. 
An engine, a gearbox or a windshield can be potential types.

A set of attributes (variables)

Attributes are added to the technological object and are located in the types hierarchy. 
There are three different types of attributes:

Input attributes will be valuated by the user. Inputs are requirements, target values, working hypothesis. For an engine for example, the number of cylinders is considered as an input.
Output attributes cannot be modified by the user. Outputs are valuated by behaviors. 
For an engine, the power and the swept volume are considered as outputs.
Internal attributes are never seen by the user. This attribute type is used by the behaviors and is used for storing intermediate results.

A set of behaviors

Behaviors are designed to describe how:

Technological objects can be associated with structured CAD elements such as Parts, Products, Part Bodies and other Bodies (Geometrical Set). They can contain other technological objects.

Managing technological Objects

The Business Process Knowledge Template workbench provides the expert user with an interface that he can use to define and drive object types and sub-types, and attributes.

Creating a Technological Object
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