About the Add Attribute Dialog Box...

You can access the Add Attribute dialog box by clicking the Add Attribute icon () in the toolbar.

The Add Attribute dialog box is made up of 5 fields:
  • Owner Name
  • Name
  • Quality
  • Type
  • Value
Owner Name: Depends on the item selected in the BKT tree to which you want to add attributes (variables).
Name: Enter the name that you want to assign to the attribute (variable).
Quality Defines if the attribute (variable) will be used as an input, as an output or as an internal parameter.
Type: Enter the type of the attribute (variable). The types displayed in this scrolling list are identical to those available in the Knowledge Advisor workbench.
ExternalObject and Object are replaced with Pointer which:
  • Enables you to point to a V5 feature located in the same document on in another document.
    Loading the pointing document will induce the loading of the pointed document.
  • Enables you to point to a document. The referencing occurs when the value is required.
You can use the List type to create lists of points, lines, objects...

If you select the List type, Edit List is displayed letting you access the List Edition window available in the Knowledge Advisor workbench. For more information about the List Edition window, see Knowledge Advisor User's Guide: Creating a List.

Type of Value: See Typing Behaviors Attributes.
Value: Enter the default value of the attribute (variable) if any.
Unset enables you to set the value of this field to Unset.


Note that the attributes of a technological type can be accessed by double-clicking the type in the Classes View or by expanding the variables node of a behavior.