Generating a Report

This task shows how to generate a report that displays the technological objects and their sub-types.
This function allows you to generate an external HTML file. The report will display all the objects located under the Classes View and the Referenced Dictionary of the specification tree. It will also display all the variables (attributes) associated with an object. 
  1. Click Generate Report . The Save User Dictionary Report dialog box will display. 

  2. Navigate to the directory where you want to save the file, give the file a name and save it. The report will be saved in HTML format.

  3. To view the report open it in your Web browser. 

The information provided in those files are the following:
  • Types and sub-types
  • Variables (attributes) assigned to the types

Note that the information provided in the report are identical to the ones displayed in the .CATfct file (see graphics opposite and below).