VisualAge C++ Batch Compilers

You can use IBM VisualAge C++ in a batch mode as a C compiler for files with a .c (small c) suffix, or as a C++ compiler for files with a .C (capital C), .cc, .cpp, or .cxx suffix. The compiler processes your text-based program source files to create an executable object module.

Note: Use of the xlC Command in this Information
Throughout these information panels, the xlC command is used to describe the actions of the compiler. In most cases, you should use the xlC command to compile your C or C++ source files.

The xlC_r and xlC128 commands specify additional libraries, macros, or options that are not automatically included or set by the xlC command. Besides these differences, these commands may be considered functionally equivalent, so that any mention of one implies the other. This is also true for the xlc, cc, cc_r and cc128 commands.

Compiler Modes
Batch Compiler Options
Types of Input Files
Types of Output Files
Compiler Messages and Listings
Incremental C++ Builds

Invoke the Batch Compiler
Invoke the Linkage Editor
Migrate From Batch to Incremental

List of Batch Compiler Options and Their Defaults
Equivalent Batch Compile-Link and Incremental Build Options