Invoke the Batch Compiler

IBM VisualAge C++ batch compilers are invoked using the following syntax, where invocation can be replaced with any valid VisualAge C++ invocation command:

The parameters of the compiler invocation command can be the names of input files, compiler options, and linkage-editor options. Compiler options perform a wide variety of functions, such as setting compiler characteristics, describing the object code and compiler output to be produced, and performing some preprocessor functions.

To compile without link-editing, use the -c compiler option. The -c option stops the compiler after compilation is completed and produces as output, an object file file_name.o for each file_name.c input source file, unless the -o option was used to specify a different object filename. The linkage editor is not invoked. You can link-edit the object files later using the invocation command, specifying the object files without the -c option.


  1. Any object files produced from an earlier compilation are deleted as part of the compilation process, even if new object files are not produced.
  2. By default, the invocation command calls both the compiler and the linkage editor. It passes linkage editor options to the linkage editor. Consequently, the invocation commands also accept all linkage editor options.

Compiler Modes

Specify Compiler Options on the Command Line

List of Batch Compiler Options and Their Defaults
Message Severity Levels and Compiler Response