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Commands Reference, Volume 1

craps Command


Starts the craps game.




The craps command starts the craps game similar to ones played in Las Vegas. The craps command simulates the roller while you place bets. You can bet with the roller by making a positive bet or you can bet with the house by making a negative bet.

You begin the game with a two thousand dollar bankroll. When the program prompts with bet?, you can bet all or part of your bankroll. You can not bet more than your current bankroll. The roller throws the dice. The payoff odds are one-to-one.

On the first roll, 7 or 11 wins for the roller; 2, 3, or 12 wins for the house; and any other number becomes the point and you roll again. On subsequent rolls, the point wins for the roller; 7 wins for the house; and any other number rolls again. For example:

Your bankroll is $2000
bet? 100
5       3
The point is 8
        6       6
        4       1
        2       1
        2       5
You lose your bet of $100
Your bankroll is $1900

In this example, the player has a bankroll of two thousand dollars and bets one hundred dollars. The first roll was 8. This became the point because neither you nor the house wins on a first roll of 8. Subsequent rolls were: 12, 5, 3, and 7. The house wins on a roll of 7 when the roller is trying to match the point. The player lost the bet of one hundred dollars. After displaying the new bankroll, the game will prompt bet? and the game will continue.

If you lose your bankroll, the game prompts with marker?, offering to lend you an additional two thousand dollars. Accept the loan by responding Y (yes). Any other response ends the game.

When you hold markers, the house reminds you before a bet how many markers are outstanding. When you have markers and your bankroll exceeds two thousand dollars, the game asks Repay marker?. If you want to repay part or all of your loan, enter Y (yes). If you have more than one marker, the craps command prompts How many? If you respond with a number greater than the number of markers you hold, it repeats the prompt until you enter a valid number. If you accumulate 10 markers (a total loan of twenty thousand dollars), the game tells you so and exits. If you accumulate a bankroll of more than fifty thousand dollars while holding markers, the money owed is repaid automatically.

A bankroll of more than one hundred thousand dollars breaks the bank, and the game prompts New game? To quit the game, press the Interrupt (Ctrl-C) or End Of File (Ctrl-D) key sequence; the game indicates whether you won, lost, or broke even, and exits.


/usr/games Location of the system's games.

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