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Security Guide


About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
Case-Sensitivity in AIX
ISO 9000
Related Publications
Standalone System Security
Installing and Configuring a Secure System
The Trusted Computing Base
Controlled Access Protection Profile and Evaluation Assurance Level 4+
Login Control
Managing X11 and CDE Concerns
Users, Roles, and Passwords
The Root Account
Administrative Roles
User Accounts
Set Up Anonymous FTP with a Secure User Account
System Special User Accounts
Access Control Lists
User Authentication
Disk Quota System Overview
Auditing Subsystem
Event Selection
Auditing Subsystem Configuration
Audit Logger Configuration
Setting Up Auditing
LDAP Exploitation of the Security Subsystem
Setting Up an LDAP Security Information Server
Setting Up an LDAP Client
LDAP User Management
LDAP Host Access Control
LDAP Security Information Server Auditing
LDAP Commands
Related Information
PKCS #11
IBM 4758 Model 2 Cryptographic Coprocessor
PKCS #11 Subsystem Configuration
PKCS #11 Usage
X.509 Certificate Authentication Service and Public Key Infrastructure
Overview of Certificate Authentication Service
Implementation of Certificate Authentication Service
Planning for Certificate Authentication Service
Packaging of Certificate Authentication Service
Installing and Configuring Certificate Authentication Service
Pluggable Authentication Module
PAM Library
PAM Modules
PAM Configuration File
Adding a PAM Module
Changing the /etc/pam.conf
Enabling PAM Debug
Integrating PAM in AIX
OpenSSH Software Tools
Using OpenSSH with PAM
Network and Internet Security
TCP/IP Security
Operating System-Specific Security
TCP/IP Command Security
Trusted Processes
Network Trusted Computing Base
Data Security and Information Protection
User Based TCP Port Access Control with Discretionary Access Control for Internet Ports
Network Services
Identifying Network Services with Open Communication Ports
Identifying TCP and UDP Sockets
Internet Protocol (IP) Security
IP Security Overview
Installing the IP Security Feature
Planning IP Security Configuration
Configuring Internet Key Exchange Tunnels
Working with Digital Certificates and the Key Manager
Configuring Manual Tunnels
Setting Up Filters
Logging Facilities
IP Security Problem Determination
IP Security Reference
Network Information Services (NIS) and NIS+ Security
Operating System Security Mechanisms
NIS+ Security Mechanisms
NIS+ Authentication and Credentials
NIS+ Authorization and Access
NIS+ Security and Administrative Rights
NIS+ Security Reference
Network File System (NFS) Security
NFS Authentication
Naming Network Entities for DES Authentication
The /etc/publickey File
Booting Considerations of Public Key Systems
Performance Considerations of Secure NFS
Checklist for Administering Secure NFS
Configuring Secure NFS
Exporting a File System Using Secure NFS
Mounting a File System Using Secure NFS
Enterprise Identity Mapping
Managing Multiple User Registries
Current Approaches
Using Enterprise Identity Mapping
Appendix A. Security Checklist
Appendix B. Security Resources
Security Web Sites
Security Mailing Lists
Security Online References
Appendix C. Summary of Common AIX System Services
Appendix D. Summary of Network Service Options
Appendix E. Notices

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