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Distributed SMIT 2.2 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Removing a Domain

To remove a domain from the member list, use either the rmdsmitd command or a DSMIT interface. When you use a graphical interface, you can view which clients are being removed from the member list.

Note: Once you remove a domain, the DSMIT server can still manage the clients that were part of the domain name you removed. However, each individual client must be specified rather than just the domain name.

Prerequisite Conditions

A DSMIT server must reside on your system.

Remove a Domain Using the Command Line

  1. Enter the rmdsmitd command to remove a domain. For further explanation of all rmdsmitd command options, see the rmdsmitd command .
  2. Edit the /usr/share/DSMIT/domains file, and remove the domain and its client machines.

Remove a Domain Using the DSMIT Interface

  1. Select Manage Domains of Machines from the Domain Management menu.
  2. Select Remove Domains from the Manage Domain of Machines menu.

    Note: An asterisk (*) designates fields that require input.
  3. Select Current Domain Members and press F4 to display a list of machines currently in the domain.
  4. Select one or more of the three criteria options and press F4 to display entry lists.
  5. Use the F7 key to tag selections for removal from these lists and press Enter. An output message confirms the completion of the command.

Remove a Domain Using the DSMIT Graphical Interface

  1. Enter the DSMIT command. A Visual System Management (VSM) application appears with machine and domain objects.
  2. Drag the domain object from the domain work area to the trash can object to remove a domain.

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