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Distributed SMIT 2.2 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Saving the Current Working Collective as a Domain

The Distributed System Management Interface Tool (DSMIT) program enables you to save the current working collective as a domain. By saving the working collective as a domain, you can run DSMIT on the same set of clients without having to add each client to the working collective every time you start a new session.

Prerequisite Conditions

A DSMIT server must reside on your system.


  1. Once you have defined the working collective, select the Manage Working Collective option.

    Note: An asterisk (*) designates fields that require input.
  2. Select the Save Working Collective option from the Domain from the Manage Working Collective menu.
  3. Enter the name of the domain in the Domain Name field.
  4. Enter yes or no in the Replace Existing Domain field. If you enter yes, DSMIT replaces an existing domain. If you enter no, DSMIT asks that you redefine the domain or enter yes.
  5. Once you have entered the domain name, press the Enter key. An output message screen appears. If the information is correct, the message screen indicates that the domain has been added. If the information is incorrect, the message displays the incorrect information to change.

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