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Distributed SMIT 2.2 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Changing a Domain

The Distributed System Management Interface Tool (DSMIT) program allows you to change a domain. You can add a new client to the domain, delete a client from the domain, or redefine the domain's member list entirely. Use the chdsmitd command or the graphical interface to change a domain. When you use the interface, you can view the domain and any changes you are making to them. The Manage Domains of Machines menu provides the following options to assist in altering domains:

Show Domain Members Displays a member list of a domain.
Add Domain Members Adds members to a domain.
Remove Domain Members Removes members from a domain.
Redefine Domain Members Removes all members of a domain and adds members based on new menu selection criteria.

Prerequisite Conditions

A DSMIT server must reside on your system.

Change a Domain Using the Command Line

  1. Enter the chdsmitd command to change a domain: For further explanation of all of the chdsmitd command options, consult the chdsmitd command .
  2. Edit the /usr/share/DSMIT/domains file by making any of the following changes:

Change a Domain Using the DSMIT Interface

  1. Select the Manage Domains of Machines option from the Domain Management menu.
  2. Highlight the option corresponding to the change you want to make. For example, you can make specific changes such as adding or removing a domain, adding or removing domain members, or redefining a domain member list.

    Note: An asterisk (*) designates fields that require input.
  3. Once you have entered the information, press the Enter key and an output message screen appears. If you entered the information correctly, the message screen tells you that the domain has been changed. Otherwise, a message tells you if you entered an incorrect value.

Change a Domain Using the DSMIT Graphical Interface

  1. Enter the dsmit command. A Visual System Management (VSM) application appears with machine and domain objects.
  2. Double click on the domain object in the domain work area to show domain members.
  3. To add domain members, drag one or more machine objects from the machines work area and drop them on the desired domain object in the domain work area.

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