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System Management Concepts: Operating System and Devices

Understanding the /usr/share Directory

The /usr/share directory contains architecture-independent shareable text files. The contents of this directory can be shared by all machines, regardless of hardware architecture.

In a mixed architecture environment, the typical diskless client mounts one server directory over its own /usr directory and then mounts a different directory over the /usr/share directory. The files below the /usr/share directory are contained in one or more separately installable packages. Thus, a node might have the other parts of the /usr directory it depends on locally installed while using a server to provide the /usr/share directory.

Some of the files in the /usr/share directory include the directories and files shown in the following diagram.

Figure 7-3. /usr/share Directory. . This diagram shows several directories under the /usr/share directory, including /info, /lib, /lpp, /dict, and /man.

Figure basea33 not displayed.

The /usr/share directory includes the following:

/usr/share/man Contains the manual pages if they have been loaded
/usr/share/dict Contains the spelling dictionary and its indexes
/usr/share/info Contains the InfoExplorer database files
/usr/share/lib Contains architecture-independent data files, including terminfo, learn, tmac, me, and macros
/usr/share/lpp Contains data and information about optionally installable products on the system.

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