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Uutry Contacts a specified remote system with debugging turned on and saves the debugging output in a temporary file.
ucfgif Unloads an interface instance from the kernel.
ucfginet Unloads the Internet instance and all related interface instances from the kernel.
ucfgqos Unconfigures and unloads the Quality of Service (QoS) instance from the kernel.
uconvdef Compiles or generates a UCS-2 (Unicode) conversion table for use by the iconv library.
udefif Removes an interface object from the system configuration database.
udefinet Undefines the Internet instance in the configuration database.
udibuild Compiles and links third party udi drivers and metas.
udimkpkg Converts udi modules into installable packages for distribution.
udisetup Installs available software products in a udi installation package.
uil Starts the User Interface Language (UIL) compiler for the AIXwindows system.
uimx Starts the UIM/X user-interface management system for the X Window System.
ul Performs underlining.
ulimit Sets or reports user resource limits.
umask Displays or sets the file mode creation mask.
umount Unmounts a previously mounted file system, directory, or file.
unalias Removes alias definitions.
uname Displays the name of the current operating system.
uncompress Restores compressed files.
unexpand Writes to standard output with tabs restored.
unget Cancels a previous get command.
unifdef Removes ifdef lines from a file.
uniq Reports or deletes repeated lines in a file.
units Converts units in one measure to equivalent units in another measure.
unlink Performs an unlink subroutine.
unloadipsec Unloads a crypto module from the IP Security subsystem.
unmirrorvg Removes the mirrors that exist on volume groups or specified disks. This command only applies to AIX 4.2.1 or later.
unmount Unmounts a previously mounted file system, directory, or file.
unpack Expands files.
untab Changes tabs into spaces.
update Periodically updates the super block.
updatefixdata Invoked by the ptfpkg command to add fixdata information to the master fixdata database file.
uprintfd Constructs and writes kernel messages.
uptime Shows how long the system has been up.
uscsicfg List SCSI devices attached to an adapter.
users Displays a compact list of the users currently on the system.
usrck Verifies the correctness of a user definition.
utftp Transfers files between hosts using the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).
uucheck Checks for files and directories required by BNU.
uucico Transfers Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) command, data, and execute files to remote systems.
uuclean Removes files from the BNU spool directory.
uucleanup Deletes selected files from the Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) spooling directory.
uucp Copies files from one system to another.
uucpadm Enters basic BNU configuration information.
uucpd Handles communications between BNU and TCP/IP.
uudecode Decodes a binary file that was used for transmission using electronic mail.
uudemon.admin Provides periodic information on the status of BNU file transfers.
uudemon.cleanu Cleans up BNU spooling directories and log files.
uudemon.hour Initiates file transport calls to remote systems using the BNU program.
uudemon.poll Polls the systems listed in the BNU Poll file.
uuencode Encodes a binary file for transmission using electronic mail.
uuid_gen Generates Universal Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) for objects, types, and interfaces.
uukick Uses debugging mode to contact a specified remote system.
uulog Provides information about BNU file-transfer activities on a system.
uuname Provides information about other systems accessible to the local system.
uupick Completes the transfer of and handles files sent by the uuto command.
uupoll Forces a poll of a remote BNU system.
uuq Displays the BNU job queue and deletes specified jobs from the queue.
uusched Schedules work for the Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) file transport program.
uusend Sends a file to a remote host.
uusnap Displays the status of BNU contacts with remote systems.
uustat Reports the status of and provides limited control over BNU operations.
uuto Copies files from one system to another.
uutry Contacts a specified remote system with debugging turned on and allows the user to override the default retry time.
uux Runs a command on another UNIX-based system.
uuxqt Executes Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) remote command requests.