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Commands Reference, Volume 5

uuxqt Daemon


Executes Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) remote command requests.


uuxqt-e ] [  -sSystemName ] [  -xDebugLevel ]


The Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) uuxqt daemon executes commands on designated remote systems.

The uuxqt daemon on each networked system periodically searches the spool directory for remote execute (X.*) files. These files are sent to the directory by the uucico daemon in response to a uux command.

When it finds X.* files, the uuxqt daemon checks each file to make sure that:

If the data files are present and the requesting system has the appropriate permissions, the uuxqt daemon executes the commands.

Note: The uuxqt command is usually executed from the uudemon.hour command, a shell procedure, and not entered from the command line. You must have root user privileges to issue the uuxqt command from the command line.


-e Enables file expansion.
-sSystemName Designates the remote system to be contacted. Use only when starting the uuxqt command manually. The system name is supplied internally when the uuxqt command is started automatically.

Note: System names can contain only ASCII characters.
-xDebugLevel Displays debugging information on the screen of the local system. The DebugLevel variable is a single digit between 0 and 9, with a default of 5. The higher the DebugLevel variable, the more detailed the debugging information.


Access Control: You must have root authority to start the uuxqt daemon from the command line.


To start the uuxqt daemon for debugging, enter:
/usr/sbin/uucp/uuxqt -svenus -x7

This instructs the command to contact remote system venus and provide fairly detailed information about the contact.


/usr/sbin/uucp/uuxqt Contains the uuxqt daemon.
/etc/locks Contains lock files that prevent multiple uses of devices and multiple calls to systems.
/etc/uucp/Maxuuxqts Limits remote command executions.
/etc/uucp/Permissions Describes access permissions for remote systems.
/var/spool/uucp/* Contain the execute and data files.

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