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Welcome to the Windows Technology Team's Windows Information page.

Windows XP is the new premier desktop operating system.

It comes in two versions Windows XP Home and Professional. Windows XP Professional has a supper set of the features available in Windows XP home. Under the WISC program only Professional version will be available.

Who should upgrade? We suggest that all users move from their existing 9.x platform to Windows XP. These users should plan on a complete reinstall and should not attempt an upgrade. USS will be available to help users through this migration. Who should not upgrade? Users running Windows 2000 or ME satisfied with their current system performance.If you'd like to talk to someone about upgrading, contact the DoIT Showroom at 265-SHOW for a needs assessment.

Much debate regarding the security and privacy of Windows XP has centered upon its inclusion of Microsoft Passport. Microsoft Passport is designed to enhance the browsing and online shopping experience by consolidating passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information in an online database hosted by Microsoft. Although Microsoft Passport is natively supported in Windows XP, its use is not required. DoIT feels that at present the Passport system is not secure enough to store sensitive data. DoIT recommends that users not put any personal information which they do not want disclosed into Passport.

More information on some of the security and privacy concerns can be found here.

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