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DoIT software testing results

Windows XP Professional Software Testing Results
Configuring Windows XP for WiscWorld Dial-up
DoIT recommendations regarding Windows XP

Microsoft's Windows XP overviews

Windows XP Home Page
Windows XP Home vs Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Comparison Guide
Windows XP Technical Resources
Windows XP Tours and Demos

Third-party reviews of Windows XP

ActiveWin Windows XP Section
Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Window
ZDNet Windows XP Review
CNET Gatekeeper Windows XP Special Report
Lockergnome's 50 Things You Didn't Know About XP
More Windows XP Related Sites

Support tools

Windows XP Upgrade Advisor
Windows XP Platform Decision Tool
Education Resources for Windows XP
Windows XP Application Compatibility
Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs
Information about System Restore, Driver Rollback and Remote Assistance
Windows XP Application Compatibility Technologies Whitepaper
Windows XP Software Catalog
Windows XP Setup Boot Disks

Windows Product Activation

Fully Licensed WPA Resource Center
ExtremeTech Windows Product Activation walkthrough

Microsoft .NET Passport

Official Microsoft privacy policy
Privacy Concerns
Security Concerns


AMD Power Now support for Windows XP
Java support for Windows XP
Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP
Symantec Windows XP compatibility
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP





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