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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

history Command


Displays the history of an INed structured file.


history File


The history command displays the incremental changes made to the specified structured file since that file's creation. The history command does not work with text files.

Each information record contains the type, user ID, group ID, and time.

The format of a structured file is record-oriented. For a structured file that contains only text, these records are the lines of text in the file. Extra information accompanies the records and is used for inserting lines, deleting lines, setting the current index, specifying start information, storing user comments, and specifying the start of an array. Information located at the end of the file specifies where in the file the current records are located so the file can be opened quickly.

Related Information

The e command, ghost command, newfile command, readfile command, rmhist command.

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