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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

help Command


Provides information for new users.




The help command presents a one-page display of information for new users. Information is available for the following topics:


To obtain help, type help and the following appears:

The commands:
        man -k keyword   lists commands relevant to a keyword
        man command      prints out the manual pages for a command;
Other basic commands are:
        cat     -concatenates files (and just prints them out)
        ex      -text editor
        finger  -user information lookup directory
        ls      -lists contents of a directory
        mail    -sends and receives mail
        msgs    -system messages and junk mail
        passwd  -changes login password
        sccshelp  -views information on Source Code Control System
        tset    -sets terminal modes
        who     -who is on the system
        write   -writes to another user
You could find programs about mail with the command:     man -k mail
And print out the man command documentation by way of:   man mail
You can log out by typing:                               exit.

Related Information

The cat command, ex command, finger command, ls command, mail command, msgs command, passwd command, sccshelp command, tset command, who command, write command.

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