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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

readfile Command


Displays the text of INed structured files.


readfile-d ] [ -g ] [ -h ] [ -s ] [ -t ] [ -u ] [ -? ] [ +Number ] [ -Number ] [ -o Outfile ] [ File ... ]


The readfile command reads the specified structured file or a list of structured files and creates an ASCII printout to illustrate the file's tree structure. If the file is a structured file, the readfile command only prints the file's string data; there is no indentation. If the file is a text file, the readfile command works like the cat command.

If you do not specify the File parameter, the readfile command reads standard input as a text file.


-d Creates a detailed formatted dump of the contents of the input files.
-g Converts the control characters, such as graphic characters used in forms, to similar printing characters.
-h Separates the output into sections with headers that identify the input file for each section.
-s Suppresses messages that report unstructured and nonexistent files.
-t Illustrates the structure of the file with a tree diagram. (The editor ignores this flag if the file is a structured file or a text file.)
-u Suppresses buffering of output. (The default buffer size is the size of the disk block.)
-? Displays a usage syntax message.
+Number Begins reading the file at the record specified by the Number variable. (The first record is record 0.) The default for this flag is +0. Separate this flag from the other flags with a space.
-Number For structured files, sets the size of the increments and decrements for indentation at the specified number of columns. This flag is ignored if you specify the -t flag. Separate this flag from the other flags with a space.
-o Outfile Uses the value of the Outfile variable as the output file instead of standard output. If the output file name is the same name as an input file, the editor backs up the input file in a .bak file.


  1. To view your editor profile with headings, enter:
    readfile -h profiles/editorprf
  2. To change the stextfile structured file to the asciifile text file, enter:
    readfile stextfile>asciifile

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