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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

rmhist Command


Removes the history information from INed structured files.


rmhist-d ] [ -f ] [ -kNumber] File ...


The rmhist command takes the specified file or files and removes the history information from each file. The files are backed up so that the old versions of the files are available as the File.bak file. If any of the files are not structured files, a warning message is displayed, and no action is taken on these nonstructured files.

Note: If the system date was set to a future date, the modification dates are invalid, and the rmhist command removes all history except the last history. It then resets the date for that record. You can correct this problem by using the ghost command. Enter the future date as the mm/dd/yy parameter to the ghost command, and then use the rmhist command to remove the history.


-d Deletes the .bak file after removing the history information.
-f Suppresses all messages about attempts to remove the history information from any files.
-kNumber Keeps only the last specified number of days of history information. The default value of the Number variable is 1.


  1. To remove history for all but the last three days of the myfile structured file and then delete the myfile.bak file, enter:
    rmhist -dk3 myfile
  2. To keep only one day of history for the testfile and afile structured files, but not delete the testfile.bak and afile.bak files, enter:
    rmhist testfile afile

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