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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

AIXwindows Product Information

The AIXwindows environment is a collection of graphical user interfaces that provides the ability to develop and run advanced graphics applications, Enhanced Xwindows applications, and AIXwindows applications.

Package Names

X11.adt AIXwindows Application Development Toolkit

Contains libraries, tools, bitmaps, and other files for use by application developers.

X11.apps AIXwindows Client Applications

Contains the supported AIXwindows 2-D application programs and configuration files.

X11.base AIXwindows Run-Time Environment

Contains X Server and X Consortium core libraries.

X11.compat AIXwindows Compatibility

Contains the commands, utilities, libraries, fonts, and extensions provided for compatibility only. These compatibility filesets may not be supported in future AIXwindows products.

X11.Dt AIX Common Desktop Environment

Contains the run-time environment and the run-time libraries for the Common Desktop Environment.

X11.fnt AIXwindows Fonts

Contains the AIXwindows font server program, bitmap fonts, Type1 outline fonts, and the font utility programs.

X11.help.Lang AIX On-line Help

Contains the run-time help system for the Common Desktop Environment.

X11.info AIXwindows InfoExplorer and Softcopy Databases

Contains the graphical version of InfoExplorer, a hypertext retrieval tool for viewing the library of AIX documentation online and the libraries, header files, and documentation. Also contains the AIXwindows documentation database for use with InfoExplorer.

X11.loc AIXwindows Locale Configuration

Contains the nontranslated, locale-specific configuration data.

X11.man.en_US AIXwindows Publications - U.S. English

Contains the man pages for AIXwindows.

X11.motif AIXwindows Motif

Contains the Motif window manager and the Motif libraries.

X11.samples AIXwindows Samples

Contains sample course code for X Consortium Libraries, Consortium Core Clients, AIXwindows demos, Motif demos, and X Server Extensions. In some cases, binaries are also provided.

X11.vsm AIXwindows Visual System Management

Contains the Visual System Management tools to manage devices, storage, printers, users, and groups, as well as install and maintain software.

X11.x_st_mgr AIX Xstation Manager Information

Contains the code necessary to configure and support models of the AIX Xstation.

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