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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

AIXwindows Fonts Package

The AIXwindows Fonts package contains the AIXwindows font server program, bitmap fonts, Type1 outline fonts, and the font utility programs.

Fileset Names

X11.fnt.defaultFonts AIXwindows Default Fonts

This fileset contains the default bitmap fonts for the AIXwindows run-time environment.

X11.fnt.fontServer AIXwindows Font Server

This fileset contains everything necessary to use the fontserver. It contains the fontserver executable and font server configuration files.

X11.fnt.coreX AIXwindows X Consortium Fonts

This fileset contains the 75dpi, 100dpi, and miscellaneous fonts shipped by the X Consortium.

X11.fnt.iso1 AIXwindows Latin1 Fonts

This fileset contains ISO8859-1 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.iso2 AIXwindows Latin2 Fonts

This fileset contains ISO8859-2 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.iso3 AIXwindows Latin3 Fonts

This fileset contains ISO8859-3 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.iso4 AIXwindows Latin4 Fonts

This fileset contains ISO8859-4 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.iso5 AIXwindows Cyrillic Fonts

This fileset contains ISO8859-5 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.ibm1046 AIXwindows Arabic Fonts

This fileset contains IBM1046 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.iso7 AIXwindows Greek Fonts

This fileset contains ISO8859-7 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.iso8 AIXwindows Hebrew Fonts

This fileset contains ISO8859-8 and IBM856 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.iso9 AIXwindows Turkish Fonts

This fileset contains ISO8859-9 bitmap fonts.

X11.fnt.iso_T1 AIXwindows Latin Type 1 Fonts

This fileset contains Latin Type 1 fonts.

X11.fnt.Gr_Cyr_T1 AIXwindows Greek/Cyrillic Type 1 Fonts

This fileset contains Greek/Cyrillic Type 1 fonts.

X11.fnt.ibm1046_T1 AIXwindows Arabic Type 1 Fonts

This fileset contains Arabic Type 1 fonts.

X11.fnt.iso8_T1 AIXwindows Hebrew Type 1 Fonts

This fileset contains Hebrew Type 1 fonts.

X11.fnt.util AIXwindows Font Utilities

This fileset contains the bdftopcf and fontutil commands.

X11.fnt.ucs.cjk Unicode CJK Fonts

This fileset contains the fonts for support of Unicode locale for Simplified Chines (ZH_CN locale).

X11.fnt.ucs.ttf TrueType format fonts for AIX

This fileset includes three fonts for Thai language processing and a general purpose, Unicode-based TrueType font.

X11.fnt.ucs.com Unicode Specific Fonts

This fileset contains the fonts for support of Unicode and PC locales for Baltic countries.

Approximate Disk Space Required

The AIXwindows Fonts package requires approximately 40.2 MB of disk space.

Requisite Software

Install requisite software either before or with the filesets you are installing from this package.

fileset you are installing Requisite Software
AIXwindows Font Utilities AIXwindows
Run-Time Libraries
AIXwindows Motif
Run-Time Libraries
and Utility Programs
AIXwindows Font Server AIXwindows
Run-Time Common
AIXwindows Default Fonts
All font filesets except Font Utilities, Font Server,
and Unicode CJK Fonts require the following two filesets:
Run-Time Common
AIXwindows Run-Time Applications
TrueType format fonts for AIX None

Special Installation Notes

When fonts are installed and the X Server is running, the X Server must be restarted to make use of the newly installed fonts.

Special Migration Notes

The AIXwindows Font Utilities preserves the following file:





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