First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Chapter 1. Printers, Print Jobs, and Queues Overview for Users

Chapter 2. Printers, Print Jobs, and Queues for System Administrators
Initial Printer Configuration
Configuring a Printer without Adding a Queue
Additional Queue Operations
Adding a Print Queue Device
Adding Plotter Support with 5080
Creating a Plotter Setup File
Adding a Local Printer to an Existing Queue
Adding an Xstation Printer to an Existing Queue
Adding an ASCII Terminal Printer to an Existing Queue
Adding an HP JetDirect Printer to an Existing Queue
Adding a File to an Existing Queue
Configuring Nonsupported Printers
Printing with Terminal-Attached Printers
Commands and Control Sequences
Terminal-Attached Printing Limitations
Configuring a Printer for an ASCII Display Terminal
Listing Print Queues and Print Queue Devices
Showing Status of Print Queues
Starting and Stopping a Print Queue
Setting the Default Print Queue
Holding and Releasing a Print Job (qhld Command)
Moving a Job between Queues
Scheduling Print Jobs
Changing or Showing Queue Characteristics
Specifying Paper Size
Changing or Showing Printer Connection Characteristics
Changing / Showing Pre-Processing Filters
Deleting a Print Queue
Listing All Supported and Defined Printers
Moving a Printer to Another Port
Changing or Showing Printer Characteristics
Deleting a Printer
Remote Printing Overview
Managing and Using Remote Printers and Queues
Using Remote Host Access for Printing
Using the lpd Remote Subsystem
Showing Status of Printer Server Subsystem
Printer Queuing System Status Conditions

Chapter 3. Spooler Overview

Chapter 4. Printer, Plotter, and Spooler Subsystem Programming

Chapter 5. Troubleshooting the AIX Spooler