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AIX Version 4.3 Guide to Printers and Printing

Configuring a Printer without Adding a Queue

Use the following procedure if you want to add a printer or plotter, but you do not want to spool print jobs.

Note: If you also want to add print queues when you configure your printer, refer to "Initial Printer Configuration".


The printer or plotter must be physically attached to your system to configure the printer port.

smit Command

  1. At the system prompt, type:
    smit pdp
  2. Select Add a Printer/Plotter.

  3. Provide additional information as prompted.

qprt Command

The following describes how to queue a print job using the qprt command, the enq command, the lp command, or the lpr command. The syntax is the same for all three queuing commands, except that the -d flag (instead of the -P flag) should be specified with the lp command:

Command -PQueueName FileName


QueueName Name of the print queue.
FileName Name of the file to be printed.

The following example demonstrates how to use the qprt command:

qprt -Pfastest myfile

Refer to the individual queuing commands for additional flags that can be specified.

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