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7318 Model S20 Guide and Reference

Installing 7318 Software for Version 3.2

To install the protocol software and configure the system and devices, use the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT). The following information describes the installation and system-configuration process. Refer to "Default Configuration File" for more information about the configuration file.


  1. You must have root user authority.
  2. If you have an Version 3.2 system, you must have AIX Version 3.2.5 installed.
  3. The optionally installable component of AIX, bosnet, must be installed.
    1. For AIX Version 3.2.5, if Netware V3.11x will be concurrently operating with the Async Terminal Server-Accelerator/6000 licensed programming product, it is strongly recommended that the most current PTF for Netware V3.11 be installed. If this is not done, client users may likely experience degradation in network performance.
    2. Software prerequisites might be installed automatically through the following procedure.


Use the smit command to install all software. If your software is already installed and you are adding an additional 7318, proceed to the "Enabling a 7318 to Load from a Host" procedure. These instructions assume that you are already familiar with the SMIT interface and understand the use of function keys, arrow keys, menu items, and buttons. The following steps will help you install the software:

  1. Enter the following SMIT fast path:
    smit install_latest
  2. At the INPUT device / directory for software field, select the device that has the software tape drive device.
  3. Select the SOFTWARE to install field. Change the Commit software updates field to NO. Change the Save/Replace File field to YES. Change the AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software field to YES.

    The following describes the contents of the packages you can install.

    s20 s20 bootfile and s20 default configuration files.
    s20export Same as the s20 package except no DES data encryption in the s20 file.
  4. Select the Do option to begin loading the software.
  5. When the software is finished loading, exit the SMIT interface.


/usr/lib/cns/cns-s20 Specifies the default Model S20 load image for the U.S. and Canada.
/usr/lib/cns/cns-s20e Specifies the default Model S20 load image for countries other than the U.S. and Canada.
/usr/lib/cns/s20.cfg Specifies the default configuration file for the Model S20.

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