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Chapter 10. Installing extension nodes

The information in this chapter is optional unless you plan on installing an extension node.

|Extension nodes are only supported with SP Switch or switchless |systems, not with the SP Switch2. |

Extension nodes are non-standard nodes that extend your system's capabilities or scope, but cannot be used in all the same ways as standard SP nodes. Extension nodes are attached to the system via an extension node adapter.

A specific type of extension node is a dependent node. A dependent node depends on SP nodes for certain functions, but implements much of the switch-related protocol that standard nodes use.

You can use the command line interface or SMIT to add, delete, or modify the extension node information in the SDR. This information consists of both an extension node and an extension node adapter definition.

To add an extension node, there are several steps to follow. You perform some of these steps on the extension node. Most of the steps, however, must be performed on the control workstation. You will have to login to the extension node, either directly or via a telnet session to perform the steps required on the extension node.

As with many PSSP commands, you must have the appropriate authority or credentials to use them. See Step 24: Obtain credentials.

This chapter provides a high-level discussion of the steps you must perform on the control workstation and on the extension node. For more specific information, refer to the following documents:

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