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Chapter 9. Installing the optional PSSP T/EC adapter

The information in this chapter is optional unless you plan on installing a PSSP Tivoli Enterprise Console (T/EC) adapter.

The PSSP T/EC adapter forwards events generated by the Event Management subsystem to a Tivoli Enterprise Console. The adapter consists of the tecad_pssp command and the rvclasses.cfg and pssp_classes.baroc configuration files. This product is offered as an optional file set, ssp.tecad, and is installed using installp. The PSSP T/EC adapter can be installed on any node or in the control workstation. IBM suggests that the PSSP T/EC adapter be installed in each node that will be generating events to be forwarded to the Tivoli Enterprise Console. By doing this, it is then possible to run the tecad_pssp command locally in each node, thus causing the event forwarding overhead to be distributed across the system.

Once the PSSP T/EC adapter is installed, the system administrator must complete the SP installation by running the install_agent command which places the event definitions in the SDR. This command can be run on any node in which the PSSP T/EC adapter is installed. Since the SDR is partition sensitive, the install_agent command must be run once in every system partition in which the adapter will be used.

The install_agent command is included in the /usr/lpp/ssp/tecad installation directory. It requires the name of the configuration file to be installed; which in the standard installation case is rvclasses.cfg (also in the installation directory). For example, the following command will install the SDR classes for the PSSP T/EC adapter:

/usr/lpp/ssp/tecad/install_agent /usr/lpp/ssp/tecad/rvclasses.cfg

The installation directory also contains a README file that contains information on how to add custom classes to the PSSP T/EC adapter. The use of custom classes is not supported and is, therefore, not included in this book.

The tecad_pssp command also requires a configuration file with the location of the T/EC server. Refer to PSSP: Command and Technical Reference for the format of this file and a description of the command.

The ssp.tecad file set also contains the pssp_classes.baroc class definition file. This file needs to be installed using the standard procedure for installing event adapters in T/EC. Refer to Tivoli Enterprise Console Event Integration Facility Guide for details.

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