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Requisite function

This is a list of the software and operating system resources directly used by the PNKM component of PSSP. Problems within the requisite software or resources may manifest themselves as error symptoms in PNKM. If you perform all the diagnostic routines and error responses listed in this chapter, and still have problems with the PNKM component of PSSP, you should consider the following components as possible sources of the error. They are listed with the most likely candidate first, least likely candidate last.

DCE Restriction

If you have DCE authentication enabled, you cannot run HACWS.

  1. IBM DCE 3.1 for AIX

    DCE (Distributed Computing Environment) provides the functions that allow Per Node Key Management to obtain expiration times and update the PSSP related DCE server keys. DCE Version 3.1 or higher is required.

  2. PSSP Installation and Configuration

    This software configures data in the DCE registry for PSSP services that will use DCE and whose keys will be managed by Per Node Key Management. PSSP Installation and Configuration also creates the key files that will be used by the PSSP services and managed by Per Node Key Management. To diagnose these functions, see Diagnosing NIM problems and Diagnosing node installation problems.

  3. SP System Security Services

    This software contains the routines necessary for Per Node Key Management to interact with DCE to obtain expiration times and update the PSSP related DCE server keys. To diagnose SP Security Services, see Diagnosing SP Security Services problems.

  4. AIX Version 4.3.3 or higher

    Per Node Key Management can run on stand-alone RS/6000 systems with the AIX operating system, when the prerequisite software is installed and properly configured for use.

  5. /var file system

    The DCE daemons will be affected if the /var file system becomes full. This will prevent users from logging into DCE. Refer to IBM DCE for AIX manuals for more information.

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