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Product Information

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TP 560/E - Product Information

Applicable to: World-Wide

TP 560

TP 560E

Announce Date: 05/21/96

Announce Date: 06/10/97

Withdrawal Date: 07/24/97

Withdrawal Date: 01/15/98

Warranty Period: One Year

Warranty Period: One Year

System Hardware: One Year

System Hardware: One Year

System Battery: One Year

System Battery: One Year

Product Announcement
- Product Overview
- Considerations for Windows 98
-TP 560 Ship group information
- TP 560E Ship group information

- AC Adapters/Battery Options
- Docking Stations/Port Replicator Options
- HDD/CD-Rom/FDD Options
- Keyboards/Mice Options
- Memory Options
- Modem Options
- Network Adapters/Emulator Options
- ThinkPad Proven Options

Installation Instructions
- Installing Windows NT 4.0 and its device drivers
- Installing Windows 98

System Support Disks
- Device driver file matrix

- Front View
- Rear View
- Bottom View

Authorized Servicers
- Authorized Servicers click here for service information

Please see categorization of Hints and Tips for specific information about Networking, OS/2, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, etc.

Useful Information Guides
- Infrared Information Guide
- Networking Information Guide
- OS/2 Information Guide
- Windows 95 Information Guide
- International Warranty Service
- Windows 98 What's New Guide

Default Configuration Files
- TP 560 Original Configuration Files for Win95
- TP 560C Default Device Manager
- TP 560CS Default Device Manager
- TP 560E Default Device Manager

Useful Information
- 560 BIOS Date and PN Matrix
- Using an external over head projection system
- Hardware resource assignments
- Status Indicators explained
- FN Key combinations explained
- Material Safety Data Sheet

TP 560/E User's Guide

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