Editing Surfaces and Wireframe Geometry

Wireframe and Surface provides powerful tools for editing surfaces and wireframe geometry.

Edit definitions: double-click on the element in the tree and modify its parameters 
Replace elements: select the element to be replaced, choose the Replace... contextual command, then select the replacing element.
Create elements from an external file: key in space coordinates of elements into an Excel file containing macros, then run the macro.
Select implicit elements: press and hold the Shift key while clicking the element to which the implicit element belongs.
Manage the orientation of geometry: double-click a line or a plane in the specification tree, and change the Angle value.
Delete features: select the element, choose the Delete command, set the deletion options
Deactivate elements: select the element to be deactivated, choose the Deactivate contextual menu and choose to deactivate its children as well, if needed.
Isolate geometric elements: select the element to be isolated, choose the xxx object > Isolate contextual menu.
Edit parameters: click Preview while creating the element, or, if the element is already created, select it and choose the xxx object > Edit Parameters contextual menu.
Upgrade features: select the elements to be upgraded, choose the xxx object > Upgrade contextual menu.