Managing the Orientation of Geometry

This task shows you how to manage the orientation of modified geometry.
This capability is only available with the Line and Plane functionalities.
Open the Orientation1.CATPart document.
  1. Double-click Line.2 in the specification tree.

    The Line Definition dialog box is displayed.
  2. Change the Angle value from 180deg to 90deg.

  3. Click OK to validate the modification.

    The Orientation Management dialog box is displayed.
    • Click Yes to align the modified geometry with the original orientation.
      An inverse element is created that replaces the original line or plane (here Line.2). The inversion is proposed according to the following criteria: the normal vectors to the planes or the tangent vectors to the lines, before and after edition, have a null or negative scalar product.

    • Click No to align the modified geometry with new orientation.

Refer to Inverting the Orientation of Geometry to have further information about the Inverse functionality.