General Environment Toolbar

The General Environment Toolbar contains the following tools:

 Analyze Item: See Generating Detail Information
   Change Current Axis: See Changing the Current Axis
 Change Current Axis and Snap Compass:  See Changing the Current Axis
 Current Axis History: 
 Offset Plane: See Using Offset Planes
   Advanced Offset Plane: See Using Offset Planes
 Snap to Steps Off Current Axis: See Using the Step Input Box and Construction Elements for this and the following buttons:
Snap to Steps Off Last Position
Snap to XY Construction Planes
Snap to All Construction Planes
Snap to Elevation Planes
Snap to Drafting Elements
 Toggle Manipulation Handle Mode: See Manipulation Handle Mode
    Toggle Dimming Mode: See Making an Element Active
 Activate Parent: See Making an Element Active for this and the following buttons:
 Activate Product's Parent
Activate Area 
Activate Network
 Clash Detection (Off): See Detecting Clash in Parts Placement for this and the following buttons:
 Clash Detection (On)
Clash Detection (Stop)